Shop from any French or European store and have your packages mailed to your address in our warehouse.
We consolidate, repack and ship your items to your doorstep

STEP 1 : Get your French address

Once you have signed up for free, we give you your own French delivery address in Lyon.

STEP 2 : Start shopping 

Shop from your favorite online stores using your BetweenBox shipping address.

You can have a look on the store directory to discover French online shop. 

If needed use our assisted purchase service, we can order, pay and receive your item.

STEP 3 : We receive and consolidate your packages

Your package will be register on your account in the 2 days your package arrived in our warehouse.

We check, measure your package and send you a photo of its contents.

Then we can consolidate your item to save shipping cost

STEP 4 : Get delivered at your doorstep

After handling and payment your package will be shipped directly at your doorstep.

Enjoy your purchase !


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